Breast Awareness

Breast Awareness

Being Breast Aware

Breast awareness is pertinent to women and is a tool which inarguably empowers women towards better health status. The idea is to encourage women on having an inclination towards understanding of their bodies and become more aware of their own breasts. It is important that women know and realize the feel and appearance of their breasts – especially for younger women of the mid twenties age band. A knowledge and understanding of the breasts feel at different times of the month will equip women to realize the normal and the abnormal changes. This can really help in early detection and diagnosing of any abnormal development, which will in turn result in better prognosis.

Standard Breast

Women want to know what should the breast look or feel like. But for each woman the normal breast is different. A thing like a standard normal breast for all woman does not exist. Over time subject to the time of the month coupled with the age of the woman, each woman’s breast will feel and appear different than others.

The very thought of getting a second opinion can be overwhelming for someone who has just been diagnosed with breast cancer. It also takes time and research to find another good, reliable doctor. But most people with this disease prefer going for a second opinion and their current doctors too do not mind referring them to another surgeon. Generally speaking, delay in starting the treatment poses lesser amount of risk than going for a treatment that may not quite solve your problem. Certain medical insurance companies also ask for a second opinion before the treatment commences.

Routine self examination

The medical professionals and pro women organizations have professes the importance of routine self breast examination to help women understand the difference between the normal and the abnormal appearance and feel of their own individual breasts. A professional screening once a year is recommended for high risk women. To prove that self exam affects the cancer related mortality – no evidence exists.

How to be Breast Aware?

The standard five pointer for breast awareness for women encourages them to realize the following for being breast aware.

  • Identify what is normal for your breasts
  • Look and feel
  • Recognize changes to be alert for
  • Report and seek medical help for any changes (normal or abnormal) immediately
  • Participate in routine breast screening if aged 50 or over periodically
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