Breast Cancer Surgery

Breast Cancer Surgery

Surgery is the most effective and the most commonly used treatment option used against breast cancer. As there are multiple surgery procedures against this malignant tumor, the kind of surgery that a breast cancer patient gets is related to multiple factors such as:

  • Size of tumor (cancer)
  • Spread of tumor to other parts of the body
  • Breast size
  • Personal wishes and preferences of the patient

You may have a choice to go for mastectomy (removal of the entire breast affected) or lumpectomy/wide local excision (removal of only the lump or section of cancer). Another surgery is quadrantectomy where about a quarter of breast tissue is removed to extract the tumor.


Almost all patients need to take some time off from work when they undergo surgery for breast cancer treatment. This may be surgery in form of lumpectomy or a mastectomy with breast reconstruction. The time involved in recovery will depend upon the extent of treatment required and your personal health. Doctors and nurses also give you a general idea of the duration for which you need to stay in hospital and the time from which you can safely resume your normal activities.

The patients who undergo lumpectomy can usually go home within a day or two, and full recovery takes up to one or two weeks. But if you have mastectomy the hospital stay would be a little longer. Recovery time typically takes numerous weeks though again, it actually depends on several factors such as the kind of mastectomy you have and if you also have reconstruction at the same time.

After surgery, it is difficult if not impossible, to travel and stay elsewhere till the surgical drains are in place. You need to take all precautions during the recovery period and make conscious efforts not to strain yourself too much. Even if you are leaving for a holiday, try to stick to a familiar place where you can easily get medical attention if required.

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