Breast Physical Exam

Breast Physical Exam

A physical examination of the breast is aimed at evaluating the breast for any dense tissue or lump which can be felt manually with a careful exam of the mass. This is mostly used in two conditions:

  • The women themselves might have missed a lump during a self examination of the breast.
  • A professional doctor is more capable of detecting an abnormal lump and a normal growth in the breast tissue. Changes in breast may be abnormal and normal , only a professional can make out the difference the appearance, symmetry of a normal and a cancerous growth.

A percentage of 20% are the times when a breast cancer is detected by a manual physical exam as compared to a mammogram.

It is advised that a routine physical examination should be a part of periodical health check up for women at all ages, especially after 30.

Post treatment and during the patient is in therapy for cancer, a breast exam would be done periodically to evaluate any recurrence and the effect of treatment. After the therapy though the frequency of this test will become quite low.

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