Change in Breast

Changes in Breast

  • Changes during adolescence
  • Age related changes
  • During menstrual period
  • Pregnancy related
  • Lactation related
  • Nearing menopause
  • Due to menopausal hormone therapy
  • Menopause
  • Lump, mass or a firm feeling
  • Nipple discharge
  • Skin changing

We shall be discussing each in detail. Albeit all are not to be worried about as some are natural, age related changes.

Changes during adolescence :

This is a routine age related change. In females due to secretion of estrogen, the fatty tissue of the breast grows and the breast also becomes prominent. They stay enlarged during the lifetime of the females.

Age related changes

Females at younger age who have not reached the age for menopause as compare to older women have denser breast tissue. As female ages the breast may start losing fatty tissue and thus may become smaller in size. It may also feel lumpy. This is a normal age related degeneration an only benign in nature.

During menstrual period

During menstrual cycle, the breasts feel more tender, painful, lumpy or swollen. This is all hormonal and due to retention of extra fluid in your breast. The breast may become normal at the end of the cycle.

During pregnancy

During pregnancy the breasts grow more and the growth is comparatively uniform in females as compared to growth in adolescence. This is attributed primarily to growth in milk producing glands an may cause the breasts to feel lumpy.

During lactation

while breastfeeding females may sometime develop a condition in which the milk secreting duct becomes blocked causing a red, lumpy and tender looking breast. This condition is called mastitis and can be treated by antibiotics or draining of the duct.

Nearing menopause

Menopause is directly related to hormonal changes and this makes the breast feel lumpy and tender. As compared to before the breast feels so even when you are not in the menstrual period.

Menopausal hormonal Therapy

If you are on any hormonal therapy like birth control pills or injections, it may result in denser breasts.


This is when your menstrual periods stop and there is drop in hormonal balance. With low hormone levels the breast fatty tissue grows and the breasts are less denser. There may be reduction in lumps also in the breasts.

Nipple Discharge

Sometimes there may be secretion of fluid from the nipple of the breast. This may of variable thickness and colour. It can be due to infection or also a side effect of a hormonal pill.

Discharge From Nipple

Skin changes:

if the skin of your breast shows redness, thickening, it itches or anything outside the ordinary, it is time for check up.

Breast Skin Change

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