Dealing with Surgery Fears

Dealing with Surgery Fears

Scared to go under the knife? Feel apprehensive? It is but natural to be a little nervous about breast cancer surgery especially if you have never had any invasive treatment earlier or if you have a general fear of those typical hospital surroundings. Don’t feel shy to talk about it with your doctors, medical support staff as also with your family and friends.

As per breast cancer surgery experts, the more a patient talks to them about her fears and concerns, the better the doctor clears them out. Your surgeon would inform you about the surgery procedures and recovery in an encouraging tone – they try to make the surgery as stress free for you as possible. Candid discussion with the doctors is also important for them to understand any health problems that you might be facing before the surgery and they can change the course/type of surgery accordingly. Some procedures such as the way anesthesia/sedation is given may also be altered to suit the patient’s conditions and health.

Certain hospitals also employ complementary or holistic ways to minimize the stress levels of their patients. These include procedures such as simple breathing exercises, yoga, hypnosis, and massage therapies. Such techniques have shown positive results in bringing down the nervousness and anxiety for majority of cancer patients.

Simply stay calm and have confidence in your surgeons & your own ability to get rid of malignant breast cancer.

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