India: A cancer Treatment Destination

India: A cancer Treatment Destination

India : A cancer treatment destination for International Patients.

Cancer not only taxes your emotions, your associations, your time but also your pocket. The treatment of the disease is expensive and becoming increasingly more so with the advent in technology and new innovations in the treatment modalities. India offers the best of care at the best of cost in such a scenario where the numbers are too huge for a country like Nigeria with lack of latest and modern breast cancer treatment therapies. Indian doctors and surgeons are highly qualified clinicians with third generation technology (diagnostic and surgical) at their disposal.

Travelling to India for breast cancer is increasingly becoming a choice for Nigerian patients solely due to cheaper costs and availability of advanced breast cancer treatment options. Medical facilities in India are available to foreign nationals at a fraction of a cost as compared to western countries.

With the application of cutting edge technology and modern and advanced cancer treatment modalities, with teams focusing on specific needs of the patient, India offers it all. The facilities adhere to international and national accreditation standards. Because of all of which Nigerian breast cancer patients feel safe and optimistic about travelling to India. India beats others in being a preferred destination for breast cancer as there is no waiting period and no long queues for treatment. The staff in the hospitals is English speaking and quite adept at understanding needs of foreign nationals. With a host of Nigerian nationals around, the place feels like home.

In India hospitals like AIIMS, Tata Memorial, Dharamshila cancer and Research hospital have the best surgical oncologists and the medical team is a sought after expertise in advanced cancer treatment cases.

Doctors in India provide you with the best therapy combination for the treatment. International patients get; with the use of third generation technology and medical techniques by this highly qualified team of doctors individual attention in a compassionate and loving environment.

The treatment in India not only medically benefits a patient but psychologically the patient feels much calmer with no hassles of running around to separate specialties and even the surrounding environment is peaceful with a care giving staff at service.

India has the best facilities available for diagnosis of Breast Cancer. The treatment pattern is subject to a good diagnosis of the disease. The first step is a physical examination by the treating doctor and she/he may also want to do mammography and ultrasound for clear diagnosis. In Nigeria even basic mammography test is sometimes not available to the affected women. A tissue biopsy is most probably done coupled with ultrasonography and MRI for tissue malignancy, fluid filled or solid confirmation. These modern tests make a part of screening in India for correct detection and right prognosis. In tissue biopsy (mentioned earlier) any abnormal tissue is removed and examined by a pathologist under a microscope. After a thorough examination Mastectomy may be undertaken. India offers the best surgical expertise with most advanced technology. Mastectomy is the surgical removal of a breast and currently it is the most common treatment for breast cancer. Apart from mastectomy, which is total removal of breast, lumpectomy is also done in which only the infected tissue is withdrawn. Then an option of lymph node removal or separate sentinel node removal may also be done. In many a post-operative case, breast reconstruction is possible. Sometimes prophylactic mastectomy can also be done which is done to remove the risk of breast cancer by preventive removal of breast in high risk patients. Recent advancements like cryotherapy are also available in India in which extreme cold is used to kill cancer cells.

Chemotherapy is quite common breast cancer treatment; it is a systemic (through bloodstream) treatment used sometimes early to shrink cancer and sometimes later than surgery to destroy left over cancer cells.

Radiation therapy is used usually post surgery and it is targeted therapy to prevent disease recurrence and is known to prevent recurrence by 70%.

Hormonal therapy is only effective against hormone-receptor-positive breast cancers, as it decreases the amount of the hormone estrogen and also bocks the effect of estrogen which causes the hormone-receptor-positive breast cancers to grow.

In India with the aid of a robust health care delivery system, International patients can avail of a joint review from specialists in surgical oncology, medical oncology and radiation oncology coupled with all relative specialties. The concept of one stop shop ensures that starting from screening, staging, treatment (combined therapy) to an affordable package is promised to Nigerian patients in India for Breast Cancer. India has top breast cancer specialists who adhere to protocols laid down by international health agencies. You can avail for a free clinical opinion by sending in your medical reports. India thus is a popular and recommended destination for world class breast cancer treatment which is also affordable. The tremendous team of doctors and a caring nursing team ensure that the patient feels right at home in a foreign land.

For International patients instead of being left with only one or two options, in India have a whole array of treatment choices to choose from to combat the individual specific complex mix of cells. The treatment options — surgery, radiation, hormonal (anti-estrogen) therapy, and/or chemotherapy are many and abounding with best positive results.

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