Planning for Breast Cancer Surgery

Planning for Breast Cancer Surgery

While working with your doctor to plan the surgery, you will need to disclose your recent medical history and any medications that you might be on. This can also include any health supplements or herbal medicines. If you are allergic to certain drugs, remember to tell your doctors about it.

Blood donation – Some breast cancer surgeons ask their patients to donate a pint or two of their blood for big surgeries such as mastectomy and breast reconstruction. This is required only to ensure that some of your own blood is available if it is required during the treatment. Though donating blood is rarely required, its availability during the treatment will make you feel more comfortable than getting blood donated by someone else. Blood donation calls for some advance planning, so do ask your doctor if it will be required during the surgery and be prepared accordingly.

Pre surgery tests: Roughly a week before the surgery, you would have to undergo some tests to ascertain that your body can take anesthesia and the surgery strain without any complications. All of the tests mentioned below might not be necessary in all cases but they generally are prescribed for invasive operations:

  • Chest X Ray and electrocardiogram (ECG) that show if your heart and lungs are working normally.
  • Blood tests to check your blood count, liver and kidney function and risk, if any, of bleeding or infection
  • Urine test to check the functioning of kidneys and any associated infections.
  • MRI or CAT scan is also required to check the location and the size of tumor. It also helps the surgeon to evaluate if the tumor has tendency to spread to other parts of the body.

If you have any chronic illness or problems such as diabetes, hypertension or a cardiovascular disease, do talk to your Breast Cancer Surgeon about it.

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