Recovering from Surgery

Recovering from Surgery

As you recover from the impact of general aesthesia after the surgery, you will find yourself in your room without any memory or awareness of what happened in the operation room after you fell asleep. The staff in the recovery room will watch over your vital signs and will make sure that you are fully conscious and stable. Even though you were fasting before the surgery, you should not take any food or water till the doctor permits you to do so. This is important to avoid vomiting and intensified feel of nausea.

You may also feel cold after the surgery and this is normal. Ask for additional blanket if required. It is a good idea to bring a blanket along for a comfortable trip back home. Food, beverages and most importantly the medication prescribed by the surgeon must be taken as per schedule.

If you need to stay at the hospital overnight, the medical staff will attend to all your needs. They will also help you to move and go to washroom when required. It is good to get out of the bed a few hours after the surgery and try to move around. You can also do some mild arm exercises (if permitted by the surgeon) to avoid stiffness in the body.

Most patients can get back to their normal work life schedule a few days after lumpectomy and a few weeks after mastectomy.

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