Targeted Cancer Therapy

Targeted Cancer Therapy

  • What is Targeted Therapy?
  • Role of targeted therapy in Breast Cancer
  • Advantages and Disadvantages

What is Targeted Therapy?

With advent of technology and research there have been newer insights into the changes in genes in cells that cause cancer. This knowledge has equipped the researchers to come up with targeted therapies. These new drugs exclusively focus on these gene changes. Thus targeted therapy targets individual and specific attribute of the cancer cells. This targeted therapy is functionally different than the chemotherapy and unlike chemotherapy are unlikely to damage normal and healthy cells and have fewer severe side effects. They are usually used in conjunction with chemotherapy.

Some of these targeted therapies work similar to natural antibodies of the human body and thus these are named as immune targeted therapies. It has been researched that targeted therapies are not safe for pregnant women and as such pregnant women should not be recommended these targeted therapies.

Role of targeted therapy in Breast Cancer

Targeted therapies are very vital to the cause of breast cancer and there are six main therapies which are useful in breast cancer. Their individual role in various types of breast cancer is discussed below.

Some of these are administered individually while one is a combination drug. The following description also discusses the individual benefits and side effects of the specific therapies.

As of current status, there are six targeted therapies which are used by the doctors for the treatment of breast cancer.

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