What Happens in the Operating Room

What Happens in the Operating Room ?

For anyone who has never been inside an operation theatre, the very sight of seemingly intimidating equipment, hospital machines and surgical tools can be frightening. But do not let that overwhelm you. The team of doctors and their assistants will also talk to you and reassure you about your treatment. The operation theatre typically feels very cold as air conditioner temperature is maintained at very low levels to keep away germs. Feel free to ask for a blanket if you feel cold.

The equipment and machinery inside any operation theatre is devised to keep a watch on patients’ vital signs and their body’s reaction to the treatment. So what kind of equipment can you expect to see and be treated with? Here are a few things that you ought to be prepared for:

  • Blood pressure cuff that your arm is covered with
  • Electrocardiograph machine that monitors your heartbeat rate
  • A finger clip that gauges your blood oxygen levels and anesthesia dosage
  • Breathing tube placed near your nose to administer oxygen

For surgeries that last over an hour, you may be required to wear compression stockings on your lower legs. These prevent blood clotting. They may feel a little strange but are not uncomfortable or painful.

Few minutes before the surgery, your skin is cleansed with an antiseptic fluid and your body is covered well leaving only the area to be operated upon, exposed.

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