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Managing Chemotherapy Side Effects

Chemotherapy has its side effects which affect the body of the patient also keeping up with the sessions and the cycles can alter an individual’s usual daily routine. Thus there is certain pre treatment care which the patient can discuss with the treating doctor.

Dental checkup: Prior to starting with chemotherapy sessions it is recommended that the patient should have her dental cleaning and check up. In dental cleaning certain bacteria are released in the blood stream which may lead to infections. It is not advisable to get tooth cleaning and procedures done during chemotherapy as in chemo the immune system is weakened and these bacteria may cause infection.

  • Testing of the heart functions with echocardiogram before starting chemotherapy.
  • Tiredness and fatigue is the most common side effect of chemotherapy and as such a patient should plan to have help around the house during chemotherapy treatment.
  • A patient should take directions from the treating doctor on any diet intake on the day of the chemotherapy sessions and late and throughout the cycle.
  • Fatigue and tiredness are the two most common side effects of chemotherapy and as such it is imperative that the patient asks and plans for help around the house and daily chores during chemotherapy.
  • It is best to find out before hand about any dietary intake restrictions on the day of chemotherapy.
  • It is advisable that the patient understands the interfering effect if any of the current medication that the patient is taking may have with the chemotherapy medication.
  • One of the most worrying side effect of chemotherapy is hair loss. The patient should educate herself on this and be prepared for the same. She can get herself wig for the hair on her head.

Chemotherapy sessions and their side effects can disrupt the daily routine of an individual and as such the patient should discuss the options with the doctor on what kind of activity the patient can continue with. This would be based on the chemotherapy regimen and the medical history of the patient.

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